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While scene and born-digital text images appear on the surface very similar to each other, at the same time they are distinctly different. Born-digital images are inherently low-resolution (made to be transmitted online and displayed on a screen) and text might suffer from compression artifacts and severe anti-aliasing. Scene text images on the other hand are high-resolution camera captured ones and present high illumination variability and perspective problems.

ICDAR 2013 Robust Reading Competition - Challenge 2 will follow the successful running of the previous edition of the competition in 2011. The goal of this competition is to evaluate the advances in the state of the art of scene text recognition systems. The challenge is set up around three tasks: Text Localization, Text Segmentation, and Word Recognition. Participation in any or all tasks and in one or both challenges is welcome!

Important Dates
  • 15 December: Web site online
  • 15 January: Registration of interest
  • 28 February: Training datasets available
  • 30 March: Test datasets available
  • 8 April: Submission of results
  • 19 April: Method descriptions due