"The Robust Reading Competition has moved to its new permanent space at http://rrc.cvc.uab.es. This site will remain available but will not accept any further submissions from January 2015 onwards. Please use the new site at http://rrc.cvc.uab.es for up to date information and to submit new results. You can continue to use your existing user accounts while all associated data have been transferred to the new site. If you encounter any problem, please contact us. Apologies for any inconvenience caused."



Submission Period Closed

The deadline for the submission of results to the different tasks of the ICDAR 2013 Robust Reading Competition has now passed. We are happy to let you know that we have received a total of 57 submissions for the different tasks of the competition, with the most popular tasks being the text localisation tasks of Challenges 1 and 2.


Although the submission period is now over, you might have noticed that the submission Web site is still enabled and you can still submit new results. Any submissions received after the 8th of April will not be included in the competition report, and will not be taken into account for the final ranking. Nevertheless, the evaluation results of such submissions will be posted on the Web site after the ICDAR 2013 conference.

Important Dates
  • 15 December: Web site online
  • 15 January: Registration of interest
  • 28 February: Training datasets available
  • 30 March: Test datasets available
  • 8 April: Submission of results
  • 19 April: Method descriptions due